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Dead 'til Dawn

Dead 'til Dawn is a zombie narrative survival horror game for 3 to 8 players. The game feels like a group "choose-your-own-adventure" mixed with competitive role play. The best part is that when survivors die, they aren't out the game - they simply join the zombie team, and can totally still win! 

Who will you be, when night falls and the dead walk? And what will you become by dawn? 

Game Details

The core set of Dead 'til Dawn comes with 300 cards:

  • 18 Character cards - what are your abilities and agendas?
  • 104 Event cards - each turn, one is drawn and resolved.
  • 104 Equipment cards - weapons, tools, and assorted junk!
  • 74 Zombie cards -  cards zombie players use to grow their ranks.
  • 72 full color punchboard tokens for Ammo and Health
  • Full instruction manual, including rules for 3 players, and up to 8

DAotL Expansion Pack adds 50 More Cards!

Expand your game with Dead Arm of the Law! Not only do you get 6 more Character cards,16 more Event cards, and 16 more Equipment cards, but you also get 12 Setting cards - a type of card not available in the regular core set! Setting cards are drawn at the start of the game and establish your game's storyline while introducing new rules, making each game played even more unique! The expansion characters introduced include the Sheriff, Escaped Convict, Thief, CIA Agent, Scavenger, and Gambler. 

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Read the Instructions

Want to get a better idea of what goes into a game of Dead 'til Dawn? Take a look at the instructions!

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Based in Seattle, our first title to launch is Dead 'til Dawn. Says game designer Steve Cave, "This game is over a decade in the making, and I can't even express how excited I am to finally get it published. I first got this game idea back when my friends were heavily into playing Werewolf - an awesome party game, but I hated it when people died and couldn't play anymore. The rest of the game spun out from that initial concept, and in development it really took on a life of its own. It's a unique and fun game to play!" After 5+ years of playtesting, we're excited to launch! 

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